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Lubos Soukup Quartet

Lubos Soukup Quartet is an international band playing original modern jazz. The music has been written by the Czech saxophonist and composer Lubos Soukup. After leaving his home country and living and playing in Poland, Soukup settled down in Copenhagen, where he found like-minded musicians with whom he works to fulfill his dreams about honest music that speaks to music lovers beyond the jazz inner circle.

German pianist Christian Pabst brings fresh lyrical poetry to Soukup’s compositions. Danish bassist Morten Christian Haxholm Jensen has a mature approach to making music. With dazzling technique and a beautiful touch, he can handle an impressive palette of emotional moods. Danish drummer Morten Hæsum completes the quartet. Hæsum is currently one of the most sought-after drummers rising in the Danish jazz scene. His highly interactive and explosive playing brings out the best of his band-mates and animates the compositions. The band released two albums – Beyond the Borders and Through the Mirror.

Line-up: Luboš Soukup – saxophone, Christian Pabst – piano, Morten Christian Haxholm Jensen – bass, Morten Hæsum – drums


Points Septet

Points Septet was created as a special project arising from several concerts of the internationally successful quartet Points. They were the winners of the Spanish jazz competition in Getxo in 2009. Although the septet has a bigger sound, it retains the characteristic features of the original band: the absence of a harmonic instrument and their focus on storytelling in compositions.

The core of the band consists of the most creative Czech jazz musicians. Each of its members is a distinct musical individual, who brings singularity and an enthusiasm for seeking his own musical language to their collective music. The septet’s music is inventive, unfettered by convention and the band does not lack impartiality and the enthusiasm to play jazz without a trace of academism.

Line-up: Oskar Torok – trumpet,  Lubos Soukup – saxophone, Petr Kalfus – alt & soprano saxophone, Jan Jirucha – trombone, Marcel Barta – bass clarinet, Jaromir Honzak  – double bass, Tomas Hobzek  – drums



Lubos Soukup Scandinavian Octet (CZ, DK, SE)

Lubos Soukup Scandinavian Octet is a secret gem on the Scandinavian modern jazz scene. The band features eight highly talented and creative Copenhagen musicians. The semi-big band wins over the audience through its sound power and sound spectrum, playful improvisations, and original music composed by its leader — saxophonist and clarinetist Lubos Soukup. The composer, born in central Europe, is known for his catchy melodies that speaks directly to the audience, yet they are are also sophisticated enough to engage music experts with their subtle reference to old jazz legends such as Wayne Shorter or John Coltrane, as well as to classical and folk music.

The audience can enjoy Tobias Wiklund’s amazing trumpet sound. The Swedish musician is well known from playing with Maria Faust’s and Snorre Kirk’s bands. Anders Banke is yet another well-known face on the Danish jazz scene. Although he plays mainly the bass clarinet in the project, the listeners will experience him playing the tenor saxophone as well. The brass trio is accompanied by cellist Soma Allpass, who has a multi-genre background and is a sensitive soloist. A robust Scandinavian rhythm section consists of a Swedish guitarist Henrik Olsson, who spices the music with his unique sound. He is supported by pianist William Larsson who brings interesting harmonies in his improvisational play. Bassist Morten Haxholm and drummer Morten Hæsum do not appear side by side for the first time, on the contrary, they often play together in Lubos Soukup’s project. He appreciates them for supporting the rest of the band with their solid and stable rhythm. Moreover, Morten Hæsum’s quiet a showman and can play very energetic and payfully.

Line-up: Tobias Wiklund (SE, trp), Anders Banke (DK, bcl), Soma Allpass (DK, cello), William Larsson (SE, p), Henrik Olsson (SE, g), Morten Haxholm (DK, b), and Morten Hæsum (DK, dr)


Points-Rataj Quintet

The Points-Rataj Quintet takes a journey that discovers spaces often concealed to closed musical communities. The band members are like scientists have made elementary particles collide, so that together with the release of great amounts of energy, new and yet undiscovered particles can come to life.

The musicians from the progressive jazz band, Points, met the composer and sound performer, Michal Rataj, for the first time in spring 2015. The expectations on both sides promised mutual enrichment drawn from diverse musical worlds and communities. In the end, their musical-merging became a discovery of resonances; finding sounds native to both contemporary jazz thinking and musical language, with roots in musique concrète and contemporary classical music.

Line-up: Oskar Torok – trumpet,  Lubos Soukup – saxophone, Michal Rataj – live electronics, Tomas Liska  – double bass, and Tomas Hobzek  – drums


Points Quartet

Points Quartet has an original sound, which is partly determined by the absence of the harmonic instrument and mostly by compositions of its members. Points have been existing since autumn 2008 and have played numerous concerts. They have taken part in a few international competitions and received the 1st prize on the at the Jazz Contest in Getxo, Spain. Each one of its members has his unique musical character. This makes the Points’ performances very special, and also enthusiastic in the search for its own musical language.

Line up: Oskar Torok – trumpet,  Lubos Soukup – saxophone, Tomas Liska  – double bass, Tomas Hobzek  – drums



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Kama Luwian

Kama Luwian playing in Warsawa foto by Piotr Szajewski

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Concept Art Orchestra

Concept Art Orchestra is a professional noncommercial Czech jazz orchestra and differs from other Czech big bands in that it specializes in performing compositions written by contemporary Czech composers, at a high-quality level. The Orchestra collaborates regularly with Czech Radio, recording and documenting Czech contemporary big band music.

The Orchestra performs at various jazz festivals, in interesting concert halls, and in jazz clubs. Thanks to its broad repertoire the orchestra has influences from jazz, world music, and classical music. Their latest album The Prague Six was awarded the Czech Grammy for the best jazz album of the year 2015.


Inner Spaces

Inner Spaces quintet was formed in January 2009 in Poland. It is an international band, which is evidenced by their absorption of influences from the contemporary Polish and Czech music scenes. There was primarily a big inspiration in multi-genre Czech jazz music and in Polish bands that refer to the sound of ECM. More recently, the band´s influences have widened with Scandinavian contemporary music, which is audible mostly in open improvised passages.

The broad, warm and full sound of the band, beautiful melodic lines and themes, mature improvisations and through-composed compositions are the main attributes of the first CD, Inner Spaces, which was released in March 2011. This album demonstrates the goal of the group: to produce original compositions combining musical traditions and to put forth a valuable addition to the jazz repertoire. The CD was promoted by the famous Polish magazine Jazz Forum. Inner Spaces quintet has participated in many jazz competitions and has received numerous awards. In November 2009, the band won 1st prize in the KROKUS Jazz Competition in Jelenia Gora. In December 2009 the band won 2nd prize in the Jazz Juniors Competition in Cracow, and also received 2nd prize at the Jazz Competition in Gdynia in May 2010. Two years later, they released their second album, Light Year, that become best Czech Jazz & Blues album 2012.

Line-up: Stepanka Balcarova – trumpet, Lubos Soukup – saxophone, Vit Kristan – piano, Max Mucha – bass, Grzegorz Masłowski – drums




MAdHAs is a conventional combo of two horns, bass and drums trying to reach out for unconventionally sounds and moods. The 4 musicians explore new sonic possibilities and expand on the shapes and sounds of jazz today. MadHas is the sound of open landscapes as well as hard grooves. Full dedication of each musician creates a strong spirit in the band and the result is an immersive art. The open concept works very good with the original songs written by its members.

Line-up: Jimmy Nyborg – trumpet, Lubos Soukup – saxophone, Emil Brun – bass and Morten Hæsum – drums


Jaromír Honzák Quintet

Jaromír Honzák Quintet

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