Lubos Soukup Quartet

Lubos Soukup Quartet is an international band playing original modern jazz. The bandleader and exclusive composer is the Czech-Danish saxophonist and clarinettist Lubos Soukup. After leaving his home country and living and playing in Poland, Soukup settled down in Copenhagen, where he found like-minded musicians. They band has worked together since 2011. They strive for playing music that speaks to music lovers beyond the jazz inner circle.

German pianist Christian Pabst is a wonderful pianist that brings fresh lyrical poetry to Soukup’s compositions. Danish bassist Morten Haxholm has a mature approach to making music. He has worked with such names as Jonathan Kreisberg, Melissa Aldana, Ari Hoenig and more. Danish drummer Morten Hæsum completes the quartet. Hæsum’s highly interactive and explosive playing brings out the best of his band-mates and animates the compositions. The band has released three albums – Beyond the Borders, Through the Mirror (feat. horns section of DR Big Band and Epoque string quartet), and Země (The Earth) featuring Lionel Loueke. The last two albums were voted the best Czech jazz albums of the year in the annual music expert survey run by the Czech Jazz Radio.


Lubos Soukup – saxophone
Christian Pabst – piano
Morten Haxholm – bass
Morten Hæsum – drums

Latest album


Press quotes

“The sense of a true group effort comes all the more striking and elevates the entire venture. Every player is equally relevant here and adds a personal touch leading to a unique and adventurous offering.”

Friedrich Kunzmann, All About Jazz

“Soukup shows excellent soloist and writing skills.”

Angelo Leonardi, All About Jazz

“You can trace the influence of Wayne Shorter or Charles Lloyd in Soukup’s sax playing, but inspite his young age he has created his own unique style of playing.”
“The mixture of Slavic warmth, Nordic gloom and roughness works more than 100% on this record!”

Jan Hocek, Jazzport.cz