Machina Mundi

Perpetual energy, complex arrangements and electronic textures of synthesizers, stutter effects and warped reverbs all contribute to the sense that the music is designed to reflect our mechanical universe.


Machina Mundi is a Scandinavian band with a distinct sound. The musicians got inspired by the legendary band Weather Report and their use of different types of synthesizers, keyboards, and various effects, and also by Chris Potter’s Underground project.

The compositions written by Lubos Soukup are elegant and crafted. They are well-accepted by the audience because of “feel good-grooves”, melodic lines, and exciting solos. A unique harmonic universe invites listeners to imagine a dark Scandinavian sky at one moment. When the pulsating rhythms appear, listeners’ imagination experiences the busy streets of New York.


Luboš Soukup – tenor & soprano sax, clarinet, effects
William Larsson – Fender Rhodes, keyboards, effects
Graig Earle – bass
Daniel Johansson – drums

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Press Quotes

“Earlier this year Lubos Soukup put out a duet recording with pianist Christian Pabst. Levitas was serious, masterfully done, with heavy nods to classical music. Machina Mundi is a lot more playful. It brings musical ideas from the past squarely into the future. […] I really like Lubos Soukup’s playing on Machina Mundi. I wish he would have played more clarinet but his work on tenor and soprano saxophone are superb.”

Tim Larsen, jazzviews.net

With complex arrangements and a sound that moves between a gentle groove of odd meter grooves and floating, cloudy passages, you quickly find access to this basically positively radiant music with many lyrical moments. […] Yes, this music is very moving and intoxicating.”

Wolfgang Giese, musikansich.de