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3 New Videos

06 Jun 2014, Posted by lubos in music

Lubos Soukup Quartet played in May in Kvarter Huset, Copenhagen. Listen to three songs Under the Sky, Shaman and Mr. Orgulloso. First two compositions are from the album Through the Mirror. Line-up: Lubos Soukup – saxophone, Christian Pabst – piano, Joel Illerhag – bass and…

New CD

06 Feb 2012, Posted by lubos in music

The new CD of the bassist Joel Illerhag was recorded in February. It is featuring: Francesco Bigoni (cl), Jimmy Nyborg (trp), Luboš Soukup (sop.sax.), Jesper Løvdal (bar.sax), Henrik Olsson (qtr), Joel Illerhag (bass), Morten Haesum (drums), Andreas Fryland Recording should be released in June 2012.