Machina Mundi released a new album

22 / 12 / 2022
Cover of the album Machina Mundi

Machina Mundi, a new Copenhagen based quartet led by saxophonist Lubos Soukup, released its debut album on December 16th 2022, Animal Music. The self-titled record is a unique project that draws inspiration from the ancient philosophical notion that the universe operates like a machine. With modern touches and electronic elements, Machina Mundi’s music is both elegant and challenging, yet accessible thanks to its use of feel-good grooves, lyrical melodies, and exciting improvisations.

Featuring William Larsson on keys, bassist Graig Earle, drummer Daniel Johansson, and guest singer Karmen Roivassepp (vocals to track 6), the album is a departure from Soukup’s previous work, including his 2022 release ‘Levitas,’ which was a raw and intimate collection of duo performances with pianist Christian Pabst. With Machina Mundi, Soukup showcases another side of his musicality, proving his versatility as a musician.