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The new CD “Beyond the Borders” is possible to order via this email address: obchod@newportline.cz The price: 299 Kč (approx. 12€)

New CD “Beyond the Borders” recorded by Lubos Soukup Quartet will be released in September 2012 at a Czech jazz label NEW PORT LINE! There are Oscar Grönberg – piano, Joel Illerhag – bass and Morten Haesum – drums. The Czech guitarist David Doruzka is…

A new CD of the band Inner Spaces will be recorded 16th – 17th July 2012 in the Czech studio SONO. The special guest will be David Doruzka. daviddoruzka.com/

New CD

06 Feb 2012

The new CD of the bassist Joel Illerhag was recorded in February. It is featuring: Francesco Bigoni (cl), Jimmy Nyborg (trp), Luboš Soukup (sop.sax.), Jesper Løvdal (bar.sax), Henrik Olsson (qtr), Joel Illerhag (bass), Morten Haesum (drums), Andreas Fryland Recording should be released in June 2012.

The tour and recording of my quartet is starting soon. We are playing this Tuesday 22.11. at 9pm U Stare pani jazz club in Prague.